Male sexual problems – prevention

Many healthy men want to know how to prevent sexual disorders and do not fill up the list of those who suffer from impotence. Those, who have already the problems with erections, are eager to get rid of them.prevention

So, what can a man do to avoid being at risk for impotence? These things are simple but very effective and every man can do them.

Avoid impotence with the following:
 Do not let the problems with blood flow! Stop smoking, control your blood sugar level, cholesterol level, blood pressure. If any medical condition (diabetes, atherosclerosis) increases your risk for blood flow problem, do try to fix it in the right way.
 Do not overdo with alcohol consumption. Try to avoid any medications which can affect your sexual desire and performance.
 Have regular physical exertion.
 Eat healthy food and control your weight.
 Avoid stresses, try to make your life full of positive emotions and feelings. Learn to relax and get enough sleep.
 If you have to take medications for other conditions, do discuss their side effects with your general practitioner.

Open trusting relationship with your partner also plays a significant role in sexual functioning of a man. If anything is going wrong with your erections, do not hide it from your partner. You can solve the problem together.